Darken bumper stickers represent both the brand and specific sprocket designs.

Litchfield, Ohio – September, 16, 2019 – Darken Products, a manufacturing company that creates a patented rear dirt bike sprocket, announced today that a new product is available on their website. Darken bumper stickers, which could be applied to a bike, car, helmet or any other product, are now available for purchase. Also available on www.DarkenProducts.com are the first generation vinyl swingarm stickers.

In all, there are six new bumper sticker designs available for purchase. Each sticker is 10” by 3” and come in multiple color variants.

  • The first design is the classic black and white DARKEN Products logo. This is the original tried and true design and it costs $9.99.

  • The second design is the white lightning DARKEN Sprockets sticker. This sharp logo has black lettering with a white background that will make any bike pop. This design costs $9.99.

  • The third bumper sticker is our big red DARKEN Sprockets variant. Designed to match our red and American Flag sprockets, this design has white lettering with a bright red background. This bumper sticker costs $9.99.

  • Our fourth bumper sticker variant is the steel blue DARKEN Sprockets design. The steel blue design matches both our blue sprocket and our American Flag sprocket. This design also has white lettering with a blue background. This sticker is $9.99.

  • Our green machine DARKEN Sprockets sticker is also available for purchase on our website. With black lettering and a neon green background, this design goes well with our black, green or carbon fiber sprocket! It is available for $9.99.

  • At DARKEN, we feel it is important to support our troops. We have designed a camouflage, “Support our Troops!” bumper sticker with our name and logo on it. The sticker is $9.99.

  • Our first generation DARKEN swingarm stickers are also available for purchase in the DARKEN shop. These stickers are thick vinyl, ready for the rigors of any motocross track. These white and black stickers glisten in the sun and will do so after they’ve been covered in mud. The sticker is $9.99.

Each of these bumper sticker designs is available for purchase immediately.

For more information about Darken Products, please visit www.DarkenProducts.com or find Darken on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For business inquiries, please email Ryan Bonds at DarkenMarketing@gmail.com