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Our Products

  • Simply put, we have figured out how to make sprockets that are lighter, stronger and more durable than the competition. Our Sprockets are made by riders and for riders. They are 100% CNC machined and deburred to our extremely tight tolerances. DARKEN’s sprockets are made from a special 7075-t6 aluminum made to withstand the rigors of supercross, motocross and endurance racing.

  • DARKEN offers sprockets in a wide variety of colors and limited edition graphic designs to match up with your individual bike needs. Our front sprockets we currently carry at ROCKET SPROCKETS, available in many different variants!

  • Our revolutionary design gives the sprockets a perfect weight to strength ratio that is demanded in the Motocross industry.

  • DARKEN’S sprockets also come in anodized colors that are designed to match up with your bike plastics. They come in BLACK, SILVER, RED, BLUE, GREEN, and ORANGE. 

  • Our premium limited-edition lineup is a unique and truly amazing product to see in person. They currently come in an American Flag and Carbon Fiber Pixelized designed finish. If you are looking for the best of the best in a sprocket, look no further. These unique designs will make your bike stand out like no other ever on the market.

  • Visit our shop to check out our sprockets!

Regina Chains

  • Darken Products carries Regina chains for our sprocket kits.

  • Regina Chain is a mainstay in the motorcycle industry, starting production on motorcycle chains in 1939 and winning more than 340 world championships since 1949.

  • Regina Chain has won world championships in the following:

    • Moto GP

    • Moto 2

    • Moto 3

    • MXGP

    • MX2

    • US Supercross and National Outdoor

    • Superbike

    • SuperSport

    • SuperStock

    • Speedway

    • Enduro 1 and 2

    • Trial

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Enduro Chains

Darken offers two Regina Enduro chains, the gold 520/135 ZSE narrow chain and gold 520/135 ZRE chain. These chains dominate the endurance circuit. These Z-Ring chains can buck any climate and are reliable through miles of natural terrain including woods and river crossings.

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Supermotard Chains

Darken offers two Regina Supermotard chains, the gold 520/135 RH2 chain and gold 520/135 RX3 chain. These chains are built for the best combination of street and compact dirt tracks. Their light weight makes them the ideal chains for supercross riders. Both chains are non-O/X/Z-Ring.

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Black Dual Chain

Darken offers one Regina Black Dual chain, the 520/135 ZRA chain. This Z-Ring style chain is submitted to enhanced pre-stretching, ensuring high mileage, reduced elongation and extended lubrication intervals.

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Our Leadership

Bill Scandlon - Owner & Co-Founder

Bob Scandlon - Owner & Co-Founder

  • We’re a family-owned and operated machining and manufacturing business based in Litchfield, Ohio. We have decades of experience, but we still enjoy what we do every day. It’s full of challenges and we get to make amazing things. What really makes us special is our ability to come up with creative solutions to complex manufacturing and production challenges. We come from a family of machining and manufacturing, building products from countless companies over the past decades.

  • Darken uses creative machine fixturing to produce large batches of parts very quickly and very efficiently. We also have the ability to set up the fixtures to run separate parts on the other side, allowing for the production of smaller batches. We strive to learn more about our customers and build parts of exceptional quality every single day.